Stephanie Lebas Huber is an art historian and  PhD candidate at the City University of New York, Graduate Center, where she is concentrating on twentieth-century painting and film history. Her dissertation "Cultural Predicaments: Neorealism in The Netherlands, 1927–45" examines the "Magic Realist" style of a number of Dutch figurative painters working between the World Wars and during the German Occupation. This project considers the multivalent nature of figurative art and the ease with which it can be coopted for political propaganda. It also addresses the way that the Neorealists used film as a model to articulate the experience of alienation during these years, due to the medium's unique relationship to time and perception. 


In a future research project, she would like to explore the variety of ways in which film influenced modernist figurative painting. She also intends to study the way that the international and interdisciplinary genre of Magic Realism arose during the twentieth century as a way to address issues of modernity, globalization, and colonialism.